MMF 2019 Review: Indulgence with Lucy Darling

 This is Lucy Darling’s third Melbourne Magic Festival season in a row (yes, we are that lucky!) and this show absolutely does not disappoint! Whether you have been fortunate to cross paths with Lucy Darling (performed by Carisa Hendrix) before, or if this year will be your first encounter with Lucy Darling let me tell you – her show and talents are simply unforgettable.

The Monday night crowd had drinks in hand (or had consumed drinks) ready for a fun show and the audience appeared to be a perfect mix of those familiar with Lucy plus a healthy amount of newer attendees. Lucy Darling’s shows just keep getting better and better (this year is no exception) and I was ever so pleased to see that she’s lost none of her wit and sassy remarks.

“Indulgence” sums up the whole show and experience. Attending with my partner (and some friends) and sitting in front row, we had the best night out we’ve had in ages. We giggled and snorted with laughter, followed Lucy along in her games and marvelled at her wonderful magic. Each time I see Lucy Darling’s shows I become even more enchanted – as does her audience, I’m sure. She has a supreme stage presence and personality, which the audience just revel in. Despite a ‘larger than life’ personality, Lucy (Carisa) is careful to have this aspect not diminish the magic and storytelling. Everything in this show is within perfect harmony. Those who have seen Lucy before will recognise some elements of her show, however (as always) there’s always something new happening in Lucy’s world that she can’t wait to show you!

A divine mix of magic, storytelling and cabaret, Lucy Darling’s show is a hard show to beat. Even if you see her show just once, the memory and spirit of Lucy Darling endures. If by chance you HAVEN’T seen the utterly delightful Lucy Darling then what are you waiting for?!!!

VERDICT: Why are you still reading? Book your tickets NOW as she’s only in town for an extremely limited run of shows!!!

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