MMF 2018 Review: “The Best One” performed by Nick Kay

Nick Kay is a well known magician in the Melbourne magic scene, however some time has passed between his performances in the Melbourne Magic Festival so I was keen to attend and bring my partner along to see Nick’s show. The show with undoubtedly the easiest title to market, “The Best One” was a compilation of some of the magic that Nick is best at.

Upon entering the theatre, Nick had a loop of amusing memes and internet clips / gifs playing which created a lighthearted mood. It was a nice distraction, and I enjoyed hearing everyone laugh and point out their favourite memes and jokes to each other. In no time, Nick burst onstage in a snappy suit and was already making the audience cheer.

Nick has been performing magic for many years, and it made me so happy to see him perform some magical ‘greatest hits’ – all with that special Nick Kay flair (which is hard to put into words!) Predictions were made, many laughs were had and Nick even performed some cool iPad magic too. A very lighthearted “Russian Roulette” routine brought extra laughs to much of the audience as the dialogue and witty remarks between Nick and his helper from the audience made the routine shine.

Whilst I’m accustomed to Nick performing for adults, there were a number of children and families in the audience, so it was great to see Nick adapt his show for a family audience (as well as watching the enjoyment of the younger audience members and their reactions to some of my favourite magical effects performed by Nick). The younger members of the audience certainly brought some extra laughs with them.

For his finale, Nick performed his amazing cups and balls routine which was flawless. Jaws were dropping by the end of the routine, and cries of “No Way!” and the traditional “Come ON!” were heard before thunderous applause and cheers at the conclusion of the routine. My partner doesn’t see a lot of magic, but I could tell he was impressed by the sheer magic and trickery going on in that particular finale.

VERDICT: “The Best One” is your best bet for an amazing night of entertainment. Nick Kay will blow your mind and will have you talking about his magic long after the show has passed. If you want to see one of magic’s best entertainers, ensure you don’t miss “The Best One”.

*disclaimer: we attended the show as guests of the performer.

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