MMF 2018 Review: “DeeDee Darling’s Bubble Magic Show” performed by DeeDee Darling

One aspect I enjoy about the Melbourne Magic Festival is the chance to see some kid’s shows / shows for families that I would otherwise miss during my ‘9 to 5 life’. On the final Friday of the festival, I took a whole day off to watch magic but it is no secret that I actually booked a day off work to watch DeeDee Darling’s Bubble Magic Show. DeeDee Darling is another magical character performed by the incredibly talented Carisa Hendrix (of Lucy Darling fame) so I knew this show was going to be loads of fun. Who could resist a show about bubbles?!

I must say that this show was full of surprises from start to finish! DeeDee herself is unmissable, with her big eyes, sweet smile and blue hair. Dressed in a fun outfit with a cool mix of complementing colours, I expected to see DeeDee bound onto the stage with loads of energy – however instead she sat on the steps of the stage, waving and making faces at the children in the audience until everyone had realised she was there.  She knew what the audience was there to see – bubbles and loads of them. Many different varieties of bubbles and bubble formations were shown, along with a couple of cool science props. Throughout the show, DeeDee displayed her mastery of bubbles and we even learned some of the science of bubbles along the way. Some clever pieces of magic carried along the bubble theme was included, which were well received by the crowd.

 Another surprising aspect of this show was the level of audience interaction and participation. Sure being a kid’s show, many children had the chance to go up on stage and assist DeeDee with her wonderful bubble magic however DeeDee also has a (very catchy) theme song that everyone was encouraged to learn the words of and dance along to. I had expected this to be a sedate bubble show that I could quietly watch from my seat at the back of the theatre, but no – all of a sudden I was learning the words to DeeDee’s theme song and freestyle dancing like the rest of the crowd! DeeDee Darling’s catchy theme tune will have you humming long after the show ends.

 The excitement for bubbles and DeeDee herself continued long after the finale of the show. In a world where people (and children) are often hurried out of shows and from one activity to the next, it was nice to see DeeDee’s show take a different pace as she hung around after the show to greet her new fans and the audience could take their time to enjoy a few more moments of bubble magic before they left the theatre.

 VERDICT:  DeeDee is the instigator of the ‘victory lap’ and a sparkling character that you’ll quickly warm to. If DeeDee Darling visits your town, don’t delay to catch your tickets – you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

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