Greetings from 2018

Hello everyone, greetings from 2018 and I hope you have all been well! I hope the last few months of 2017 were pleasant for you all and that 2018 has commenced with happiness for each of you. You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been for the past few months….it is disappointing that I haven’t had a chance to write as regularly as I’d have liked to. In October I had a persistent sickness and had to take time off work, so I was housebound for a couple of weeks. November was my ‘work events’ month (when I generally don’t make very many blog posts) and December brought its usual festive season craziness with some extra social times with friends thrown in. I’ve also been called upon to devote some time to a friend’s project so despite being quiet on the blog, things have certainly been a little hectic lately.

What’s ahead?
I’ve recently seen a Shakespearean show at the The Pop Up Globe that is currently in Melbourne¬† – I’ll write about that soon, however even if you’re not usually a Shakespeare fan the shows there are fantastic so I do not hesitate to recommend a visit. For an even more thrilling experience, book a ‘groundling’ ticket where you do not get a seat but get to be directly in front of the stage and the action the entire time! You do end up standing for 3 hours, but my friends and I had the best time that night. The actors and show storyline were fantastic.

I’ve booked to see a magic show at The Butterfly Club in January called ‘Genuinely Impossible’ by magician Lawson Reeves, which I am excited to see. I’m thrilled to announce that in February I’ll be visiting Adelaide for a weekend to partake in their Fringe Festival. It will be my first time at Adelaide Fringe and I’m very excited to share lots of show reviews with you all upon my return. I plan to see many magic shows (and a couple of burlesque or variety shows) within that weekend towards the end of February.

Whatever this fresh year brings for you, I hope it brings you happiness, new opportunities and fun adventures. I’m looking forward to seeing some more fantastic live shows this year and writing about them for you.

As always, thanks for reading!


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