MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Rockstar Magic Revisited’ Performed by John Fung

I had previously seen short performances from John Fung, however he seems to be regularly travelling so once I heard he’d be back in Melbourne I was extra keen to see his show.

John’s magic was classy and often very mystifying – magic occurred with an assortment of objects such as money, cards, cutlery and rings. John at times seemed like a ‘James Bond’ character – sharply dressed and debonair with a silver suitcase on stage – which he used to his advantage, charming and astounding the audience. John regularly selected people from the audience to help him – whether it was to inspect objects or make some selections for predictions to come. The audience members themselves seemed to be from a mix of different countries, which added to the ‘International feel’ of the evening. This international theme was also incorporated into the final prediction of the show, which I thought was a nice touch.

Whilst my expectations for this show were different to what I experienced (I’d expected the flashy routines set to music that I’d seen from John in the past), I was impressed with his rapport with the audience and I left the show feeling entertained and happy.

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