MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show’

Tim Credible (magician Tim You) is undoubtedly one of the hardest working local magicians I’ve come across. Each MMF he has a family magic show on each morning (in the earliest timeslot!) and often runs a magic school session for budding magicians after the show. I felt most privileged and excited to attend his family magic show this year, in fact this is the first time EVER that I’ve been able to watch his full show so I was beaming as I walked into the theatre.

With little magic fans sitting up the front on donut shaped cushions, and (ahem) older audience members sitting up the back of the theatre, Tim welcomed the audience to his show. Dressed in a smart ensemble featuring primary colours, Tim showed off some hat juggling to get everyone in the mood for a fun show. Having performed countless magic shows, it was obvious that Tim is a polished performer – he knew which comedy lines and jokes would make his audience laugh and how best to direct his special helpers from the audience in order to create some special magic. Personal show highlights for me included magic that I’ve seen at plenty of other shows (rope magic, magic with a special bag) however none of those effects quite had the same magical elements previously as when Tim Credible performed them for he imparts his own fantastic and playful personality into his magic of course. Another highlight was that the audience got to meet some of Tim’s VERY talented animal friends. I even had the rare chance to meet one of Tim’s animal friends up close on stage – a memory that I will cherish!

This show is your best bet if you’re after some ‘tried and tested’ solid family entertainment. Both young children and adults are involved at various times during the show, whether it is wiggling fingers or having the chance to be involved in some magic on stage. Nothing is cheap or tacky, and everything is glorious in its flawlessness. The magic and comedy flow so seamlessly that I couldn’t quite believe it when the show was over, it certainly left me wanting to see more. If you have the chance to see a show by Tim Credible (whether at the MMF or at another event at another time), take that chance and please do see it!

Note: I attended this show as a Tim’s guest.

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