Mini Review: ‘Tricky Nick is a Super Bad Guy’ performed by Nicholas J Johnson

During this year’s magic festival, I was fortunate to be able to take a day off from my day job (in Marketing and Event Management) which meant that on the last Friday of the festival I was able to spend the entire day watching magic shows (including some hilarious children’s magic shows). The first show I attended on my day of magic was ‘Tricky Nick is a Super Bad Guy’. Tricky Nick has had a season of sold out shows, so myself (and the large crowd gathering outside the theatre) were curious to see what Nick had in store for us – and more importantly answer the question “is he really a bad guy?” With assorted props lined up along the stage, I knew the audience was in for a hilarious hour of magical escapades. Opening the show with a baffling routine of transformations involving cereal and milk, Tricky Nick addressed the audience and made sure he regularly ‘checked in’ with the children and adults alike during his magic quest to raise money for some nefarious plans! Strap yourself in for a hilarious and loud magic show with Tricky Nick, featuring lots of surprises – Tricky Nick even has a nemesis who makes guest appearances to check up on Nick and ensure he is being good. On the day I attended, the children in the audience deemed that Tricky Nick had in fact not been well behaved (good) so his nemesis had to repeatedly visit, much to the cheering and laughter of the audience. Tricky Nick has some fantastic props to help him with his magical quest – keep your eyes peeled for his fancy time machine. This show was so enjoyable and it was such a treat to see the excitement and joy in children’s eyes as they laughed at Tricky Nick, and waved their arms in the air in an effort to get selected to help Tricky Nick on stage. It was certainly a fun way to commence a day of magic. Is Tricky Nick a Super Bad Guy? You’ll have to come along to the show to find out.

Verdict: Ideal family entertainment, and suitable for children of many ages. Adults are not left out with plenty of nods to them (and some bonus pop culture references too). Tricky Nick performs a super fun show!

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