Mini Review: ‘Cath Jamison: Conjure Woman’ performed by Cath Jamison

A good friend and I had a great outing at the Melbourne Magic Festival to see ‘Cath Jamison: Conjure Woman’. While we waited in line to enter the theatre, the audience was instructed to think of a childhood memory and write it down on a piece of paper when we enter. This encouraged our anticipation of what was to come! Cath appeared on stage – dazzling and delightful as always. Cath’s smile and upbeat personality draws audiences into her gaze, which is all part of her magical charm of course. If you’ve never been to one of Cath’s shows before you are missing out! The evening’s show was a variety of mysterious magical delights – predictions, hypnotism and even a voodoo ritual took place, all with plenty of audience participation. Cath always includes some danger in her performance, much to the encouragement of audience members who obviously enjoy a side of danger to their magic too. The show’s finale was as intriguing as Cath herself, so if you ever have the opportunity to see this show at some stage in the future, I highly recommend it. My friend and I left the theatre breathless from all the magic, mystery and wonder that had taken place in front of our eyes that evening.

Verdict: mysterious and entertaining, Cath Jamison’s show will leave you marvelling at her magical talents and craving more. Sparkling in both attitude and outfit, keep an eye on Cath Jamison – who knows what she will conjure up next?

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