Review: “World of Wonders” performed by Lachlan Wilde

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Nestled within the heart of Melbourne is ultra kitsch (and very well known) performance venue / bar The Butterfly Club. Those who have been to this venue will be aware that it is like stepping into another world and another era – a perfect setting for the latest magical production from well known local magician Lachlan Wilde – “World of Wonders”. In a time where many of us are starved for a vacation *cough*me*cough* I was extremely excited to attend “World of Wonders” and have a pseudo escape from Melbourne for a while!

As soon as “World of Wonders” commenced, Lachlan spared no time transporting his audience to a new destination and wowing his audience at the same time with sleek magic that often happened in a split second. Lachlan’s storytelling is equally as captivating as his magic. Within his show, Lachlan takes the audience on a journey with him as he revisits some of his favourite destinations across the globe. Fascinating personal stories and astonishing magic accompany each destination that the audience “visits” with Lachlan. Audience volunteers were selected to assist in the magic throughout the show, many gasping in amazement as the magic unfolded up close. I liked the array of props used in this show – some of which were very surprising. I hesitate to reveal too much, however my personal favourite moment from the show had a strong historical context which I enjoyed greatly. Aside from the travel theme, other messages were mentioned like the nature of chaos and order, and also how magic transcends travel (magic will still manage to find you, even when you are away from home!)

Be assured that this show is NOT like the time your relative went to Europe and you had to sit through a Powerpoint presentation of 200 slides of images….nor is it a bragging session of Lachlan’s list of places he’s visited! You can’t help to get swept up in all of the moments in this show, and there are many moments that are set to wow and impress you. If you think you’ve seen it all in magic then think again!

VERDICT: Stow away your tray table and ensure your seat is in the upright position as “World of Wonders” magically takes you to some exciting destinations. Captivating storytelling and entrancing magic are on your itinerary for this impressive show. Don’t miss out on this wonderfully magical adventure – book your tickets now!

“World of Wonders” runs at The Butterfly Club (5 Carson Place, Melbourne) from Dec 5th – 10th at 8:30pm. Tickets and further information is available here

*Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest.


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