MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Aiden Schofield

Aiden Schofield – image supplied.

Returning to The Melbourne Magic Festival in 2022 is interstate magician Aiden Schofield. I caught up with Aiden pre festival, to hear about what he has in store for his audiences this year.

Describe your show in 3 words: Fun. Visual. Quirky    

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started in magic?
I’m Aiden Schofield, a 21-year-old magician from Brisbane. I got my start in magic in 2011 after seeing Cosentino on Australia’s Got Talent. Funny story – He was doing big illusions and death-defying escapes and I thought, “hey, let’s do card tricks”, but I transitioned quite quickly into stage magic. Aside from my stage shows, about a year and a half I took up busking in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and will be doing the same in Melbourne.

Your show is called “Aiden Schofield: MAGICIAN”….in a festival of magicians, what makes your show different / Why should audiences come and see your show?
The name of the show actually comes from me not wanting to have a cliché ‘magic show’ title, which was a lot harder than I thought so I ended up going with a self-titled show with the word ‘magician’ at the end, so people know what I do. The way it’s styled, with the word ‘MAGICIAN’ in capitals, is a reference to Michael Jackson’s HIStory album. (You might also find a couple of MJ references in the show!)
There is no theme to this show, there is no message, it’s just a guy (me) on stage doing magic for an hour. I’ve tried my best to make it a fun and interactive experience with a variety of magic for everyone to enjoy.

Is there any magical skill you’re particularly proud of?
I saw a magician in 2019 do a routine with bubbles. I became obsessed with it and have finally added my version into my show. Another bit is one I’ve been doing the longest, my Rubik’s cube routine. I’ve been playing around with the Rubik’s cube for almost 7 years.

Without giving too much away, what can audiences expect from your show?
In the show, audiences will get to see magic performed with bubbles, paper butterflies, and sand. Objects levitate, I go back in time, predict the future, and solve Rubik’s cubes instantly and much more.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival?
I’m looking forward to finally performing my new show in Melbourne. It was supposed to premiere last year, but it wasn’t completed yet. It premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Festival earlier this year, and after a couple months break, I get to come back to Melbourne (after a six-show run at last year’s MMF) and continue onwards to other places. Some other things I look forward to are getting to hang out with other magicians, performing in other shows like the Open Mic Night and the Stage Gala, and of course go busking.

Aiden’s show certainly sounds like it will be entertaining. Aiden Schofield: MAGICIAN will be appearing in Melbourne for one night only: Tuesday July 5th (7pm) at The Houdini Theatre – Arrow Hub, 488 Swanston Street Melbourne. Tickets are available here.

Aiden’s website:

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