MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: (The Quizzical) Mr Jeff

Recently, I was lucky to track down Mr Jeff to talk all things magic, whimsy and circus. Join me to learn more about the fascinating Mr Jeff and his show, “The Quizzical Mr Jeff”

Describe your show in 3 words: Exciting, dynamic, amazing

What’s the inspiration for your show / what inspires you?
Things that inspire me are wow moments and things that give me an emotional response.
As a child I always dreamed of being a wizard so with my goal to accumulate as much magical power as possible , I set out into the world trying to find ways of becoming a wizard. Learning from a young age that there isn’t any natural magic in this world didn’t stop me, I dedicated myself to discovering and creating wonderful magical experiences for the stage, and now I offer a plethora of whimsical wonders in my show “The Quizzical Mr Jeff”

Without giving too much away, what can audiences expect from your show?
I present audiences with an opportunity to be transported into a fantastical and vivid adventure of novelty and illusion and a place where I can unleash my magical powers for the world to see! Audiences can expect and prepare themselves for an unreasonably sized balloon with the ability to eat a human whole,  a golden cane unrestrained by the grasp or gravity and to witness my ability to pull light out of a light bulb and hold it between my finger tips.

I hear you are very skilled in multiple arts (circus and magic) – do you have a favorite skill / is there any skill you are particularly proud of?
My favorite skill in my show is my flying cane act, I love the way that it feels to perform and the look and beauty contained in the act. Levitations are always my favorite acts. I have a few in my show and I always really love them – they are just really whimsical and uplifting, I love to see things fly.

The skill that I’m the most proud of, is probably my ability to see something and then imagine it, then create it, and be able to create moments that I know people will really enjoy from things that I have imagined!

What does the Melbourne Magic Festival mean to you?
It’s an opportunity to bring my show to a stage where the general public and friends can see me, and an opportunity to engage with other performers in the magic community. My main skill sets are in circus and variety entertainment and I require a large stage to pull of the magic effects that I work with, so the festival brings a great opportunity for that.

Mr Jeff is truly a spellbinding character, sounds like his show is a must see for everyone! The Quizzical Mr Jeff runs from July 5th – July 9th at The Houdini Theatre – Arrow Hub, 488 Swanston St, Melbourne. Tickets are available here.

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