MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Big Bobby

Big Bobby – image supplied

Recently I was lucky to sit down with Big Bobby to learn more about his MMF show “Check” , his invisible assistant Rhodneey, and to explore his rare phobia….read on to discover more about this madcap chap!

Hello Big Bobby, is ‘Check’ your debut at the Melbourne Magic Festival? Describe your show in 3 words.
Yes CHECK is our first show at the MMF! Three words to sum up our show would be fun, imaginative and kaos.

How did you get the name Big Bobby? 
Well, let’s just say I like donuts and gravity is getting to me! Originally my character’s name was Bobby, one day a small kid looked up at me and called me ‘Big Bobby’ and it stuck.

What’s your favorite aspect of performing for families and kids? 
I love making kids and taller people laugh. The sound of laughter is one of life’s greatest treasures and we will be digging for it. When an older person acts a little silly it creates pure delight for children, throw in some tricks that actually work and everyone is entertained.

I have a pet rubber duck called Huey. May he attend your show with me? 
Absolutely not! When I was a baby my mother was strolling my pram past a rubber duck factory. That fateful day there was an explosion and I haven’t been the same since. Fear of rubber ducks is a real condition; I saw it in a duckumentary. Security will be scanning for rubber ducks, just be warned!

What’s the inspiration behind your show ‘Check’ ? 
I did a lot of training with Christopher T Magician and Anthony DeMasi. On top of that I came to the ( Melbourne Magic) festival for years and studied the greats on how they went about it: Tim Ellis, the maestro of magic (and festival director), Carisa Hendrix and David Kaye to name a few. At the other end of the spectrum were the dynamic duo (from Showmen Productions) Sam Hume and Justin Williams. From the lectures and performances, I distilled some of the things I had learned. A good show needs tension, fun, originality, pace and skill. In the show, Rhodneey, the antagonist, has forgotten to check all the equipment and that is going to create mayhem! Hopefully, we can pull together to save the show from certain disaster and rescue the sausage dogs from a 4 week afterpay sale.  

Gosh it sounds like such an exciting show (I’m giggling already) though my pet rubber duck Huey will be sad he can’t attend – I’ll just have to bring my wooden duck Henrietta along for the fun magic!

If you’re looking for a fun magic show to take your family to, check out “Check” appearing only on Friday July 1st at Big U Gym in St Albans. Tickets are available here.

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