Performer Spotlight: Max Paton

Image: supplied

Max’s show in the 2022 MICF is called ‘Big Funny’. A quick show intro: “Equipped with nothing but excessive enthusiasm and a titanic sense of self, regular-sized Max is embarking on a one-man sketch show of colossal proportions.” In a country that likes big things, within the city hosting the largest comedy festival in the country, I tracked Max down to chat about his show which I’m sure will be big on laughs!

  1. Describe your show in 3 words: Fast-paced, unbridled absurdity.
  2. Let’s get to know you a little better…imagine you’re on a speed date – describe yourself!
    Max is a wonderfully chaotic idiot-in-training. He’s a charmingly earnest 27-year-old with a penchant for the creative arts and a love for the absurd and ridiculous in life. He recently found a nice pair of shoes in hard rubbish, and has a philosophy degree from Monash Uni…and is currently wondering which is more useful!
  3. What excites you about bringing “Big Funny” to audiences during the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival? This is such a joyously silly rollercoaster ride of a show. Delightful jokes, songs, characters, wild set-ups – all strung together with such infectious enthusiasm you won’t be able to resist getting on board. Melbourne has never seen a one-person sketch show like this.
  4. What was your inspiration (or main inspiration) for your show Big Funny?
    It’s been a tough few years – you couldn’t fault anybody for wanting an escape – and that’s what Big Funny is. A ridiculously creative, over-the-top wild ride of a show. Designed to take you on a crazy journey, stuff you full of laughs and spit you out the other side cackling with glee.
  5. Why go big? Is bigger really better? (innuendo completely intentional!)
    Long answer: Bigger is only better if it’s stuffed it to the brim with good stuff. For example, if you add sawdust to a cannelloni and inflate it like a balloon I’d be extremely impressed given the brittle nature of crust, however it’d also taste like crap. But if you stuffed those same cannelloni with good stuff like chocolate they’d probably taste great. Wait is cannelloni the dessert one? Or is that cannoli? Short answer: Maybe go with a lasagne.

I’m already giggling at the conclusion of this interview so if that’s anything to go by, Max’s show will be big on laughs and fun indeed.

Big Funny runs from Monday 18th – Sunday 24th April at The Motley Bauhaus, 118 Elgin Street Carlton. Ticket details can be found here

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