Review: “The Impossible Zoom Experiment”

Talented magicians Eric Chien (from China) and Dom Chambers (from Australia) have combined their formidable magic forces in “The Impossible Zoom Experiment”. Both magicians have appeared on popular television and magical theatre shows (America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and The Illusionists on Broadway) but have very different magic styles. The magical forces of Eric Chien and Dom Chambers combine to create what I believe is a simply unmissable show.

The fact the show takes place over Zoom usually presents magicians with some challenges, but these magicians have harnessed and overcome those challenges to present an unbelievable, unforgettable hour of magic. Hosting, performing and producing this show is no mean feat in itself – with the show being broadcast over zoom, with vision from Australia and China being linked. Not to mention the magicians rehearsing and remotely writing such a show.

There are elements within “The Impossible Zoom Experiment” that you’d find in many magic shows – pieces featuring playing cards and predictions – but Eric and Dom just take everything to that next level, and it showed all night in the reactions of the audience members. There were many squeals of delight and surprise and many sounds that I can only interpret as the audience being frequently astonished with what they saw. Minds were being blown all over zoom – the magic was that amazing. When I attend magic shows in person, I often get this feeling of excitement of what’s to come and I had that feeling all throughout this show. “The Impossible Zoom Experiment” is filled with highlights, but a personal highlight of mine was Eric Chien’s FISM award winning routine set to music. Mind = Blown. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I’m sure you won’t either. The disbelief was palpable.

Eric and Dom themselves are wonderful performers and hosts. Being so incredibly talented, you may expect some ego to be on display but there was none here. By the end of the show it felt like everyone was friends, it was a nice communal feeling (despite everyone being separated by a screen).

“The Impossible Zoom Experiment” truly is an unbelievable, unforgettable show that will have you questioning what really is in the realm of (im)possibility. Impossibilities can be explored virtually, and this show does it all with superb flair.

VERDICT: “The Impossible Zoom Experiment” validates that being behind a screen is no barrier to incredible magic (that often seems impossible) and certainly no barrier to a mind blowing evening of entertainment. If there’s any virtual magic show to be experienced for yourself, it’s this one!

Tickets / more information – see the link below. More show dates will be announced soon.

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