MMF 2019 Review: Simon Coronel: Experimental

Rolling into the closing evening of the 2019 Melbourne Magic Festival, my partner and I were very excited to catch Simon Coronel’s special experimental show. I’ve enjoyed Simon’s magic for a number of years, but the experimental nature of the show was too much to resist. My partner, on the other hand, hadn’t seen much of Simon’s magic so I knew we’d be in for a surprising show.

The opening segments of this show were highly theatrical and done largely silently, using physical comedy, facial expressions and mime. An elaborate setup for a prediction envelope was constructed, which was an unusual way to start the show. Simon’s silent routine with a Pringles can is highly entertaining and definitely needs to be seen! After a few silent theatrical pieces of magic, Simon commenced speaking to the audience and welcoming everyone to the show, mentioning the some pieces of the show will seem to be more random and less scripted than others – hence the name of the show.

Some truly astonishing magic followed – especially the card magic and some incredible ring manipulation. One of my personal highlights was a piece of fun magic based on a popular streaming service. Throughout the show, Simon used a wide variety of props (most looking like they shouldn’t be in a magic show) which added to the odd and delightful adventures within the show. In this show, Simon proved he could be experimental yet still impressive – I often glanced around the audience to watch audience members wide eyed and open mouthed with shock and surprise.

The Melbourne Magic Festival encourages performers to take risks during their shows, and I really enjoyed the ‘risky’ experimental nature of Simon’s show. If you have the chance to see the show, take it – it’s an opportunity to see some different interpretations of what’s magical.

VERDICT: surprising, theatrical, exciting and magical – this experiment is the one you should make the time to see.

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