MMF 2019 Review: Simon Coronel: Things By Simon

Simon Coronel is one of the ‘homegrown heroes’ of the Melbourne Magic Festival (and the magic scene in Melbourne). Having grown up in Melbourne, Simon now lives and works in Hollywood USA and has appeared (and fooled the judges!) on “Penn and Teller: Fool Us” so I consider any of his magic shows to be unmissable.

I’d seen previous iterations of “Things By Simon” at past magic festivals, however I was keen to see the show again (for many reasons but mainly because I know Simon takes great pride in his art form and changes things around each time I see the show).  There are many aspects to enjoy about Simon’s magic and performance but I also admire the way he treats his audience members. There’s no dragooning or dragging people on stage in this show as Simon practices “consensual magic”. Simon also respects his audience’s needs- for there are people who regard magic as a puzzle that needs to be solved vs people (like me) who just want to revel in the mystery and surprise of the moment. I attended this show with a friend from the first category, and Simon ensured that he satisfied us both which was very entertaining!

In terms of the show itself, it has been refined over the years and I think this year is the best performance of “Things By Simon” that I have seen! If you haven’t seen Simon perform before, you simply must see his card magic and his poker chip routine. For those who have seen Simon Coronel perform, this show is to be seen for the strong momentum of miracles that leads into one of the most impossible finales I’ve ever seen! Minds were being blown all across the room during the show, with the audience basically making incoherent noises – such was the level of the incredible magic happening! The crowd was reveling and scoffing at the unbelievable moments unfolding on stage with increasing speed. I’m unable to recommend this show enough – JUST SEE IT!!!

VERDICT: Guaranteed amazing times to be had, simply cannot recommend this show enough! This show is best suited to adults.

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