What’s coming up next for Tay Around Town?

Currently in Melbourne it’s what we call “Mad March” as there are so many large events and festivals starting / happening during March. Later this month, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) commences so stay tuned for more reviews appearing here on the blog.

In addition to my ‘9-5’ job racing into busy season (which tapers off mid June), I’ve also been working on some side projects – one of which I thought I’d highlight here (in a bit of self promotion) as it may be of benefit to any readers who are in showbiz. On Thursday March 28th, Social Media / branding guru Nathan Darma and myself will be hosting a workshop on Marketing and Branding especially for magicians and those in showbiz hosted at The Magic School of Confidence. My focus will be on broader marketing and how to leverage the existing marketing activities you’re doing to better achieve your goals. Nathan’s focus will be specifically on the social media side of things. We’ll also be hosting a Q&A session, so we welcome attendees to think of some questions they have to bring to the event. I’ve been working in various streams of marketing for 13 years, but also have a unique perspective as not only an audience member but a reviewer too so I’m sure the workshop will be valuable and thought provoking.

I know what you’re thinking – marketing is expensive / time consuming / I need to focus on my actual show – I’ve heard all that and more, yet I also hear the same comments coming from frustrated performers who have sluggish ticket sales or who haven’t tapped into certain areas of the market, that others have honed in on. What this all means is like that old saying goes (that has been attributed to many people), if you keep doing the “same thing” you’re going to get the same results / outcomes as previous so you need to change things up if you want to see a change in outcome. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or super time consuming. The workshop we’re hosting seeks to address this via leveraging marketing techniques and providing tips and ideas for you to take away and implement in your own plans.

For more information, check out the Facebook event here or Click here for tickets

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