MMF 2018 Review: “Ghetto Shaman” performed by Adam Axford

When I heard about the magic show “Ghetto Shaman” and met magician Adam Axford, I have to admit I did not know what to think or what to expect. Visually, Adam looked like he had visited us directly from a music festival however he was the perfect person to take his audience on a journey which focused on the wizardry of words along with some impactful pieces of magic.

Adam Axford himself is an extremely relaxed performer, which I found refreshing. I could feel the intimate audience relax just that little bit more given Adam’s ‘chilled out’ demeanour, and at most points in the show it felt like we were all on a special journey together which was lovely. Regularly dispersed between pieces of magic was Adam’s talent with wordsmithing / poetry. Reading this, it may not be apparent how well matched the word wizardry and magic sorcery was weaved together to make a great show but rest assured that is what occurred. Contemporary poetry may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” however the audience in the room that night were eagerly lapping up everything Adam had to offer (myself included). The magical effects of the evening included card magic and some delightfully mystifying predictions. I felt that each piece of magic had been carefully chosen for the show or to sit between particular stories or poetry choices. Technology was also well utilised to create some magic which I thought was clever (given the focus of modern society on all things technology).

There were a few aspects of this show that I LOVED. I loved how the show pushed the boundaries of what the audiences perceives as “magic” and then references the magic of the universe. I loved that the show was presented in a distinct, refreshing way – even after watching 500 magic shows in total, I’ve never seen a magic show presented quite like this one! I loved how committed Adam was to what he was saying, presenting and the fact that his audience would leave the show having learnt something or be on the way to further learning / reading resources.

Through one impactful effect in particular (which happened to be one of my favourites) Adam managed to create a magical moment, while engaging each member of the audience via a magical “reading list” AND further establishing how deep he runs with his own reading / research. I can scarcely recall a piece of magic that I have seen in recent years that has achieved all of these outcomes in the same space of time.

I left this show feeling at peace and so relaxed. It was such a refreshing show to see in a fast paced life and I wish I could see the show again. It was extra kind of Adam to stay back after the show to discuss further reading and topics of the universe with his new friends.

VERDICT: A “must watch” if you’re looking for a magic show with a difference! Be prepared to be surprised and to expand your mind (reading topics!).

*disclaimer: I attended this show as a guest of the performer.

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