MMF 2018 review: “Cheeky, Quirky & Classy” performed by Brendan Dooley

One of the aspects I enjoy the most about the Melbourne Magic Festival is to watch performances from people abroad who I’ve never heard of. It’s often a chance to see some magical effects I’ve never seen before, and a chance to support someone who isn’t local to the area. Ticking both of those boxes is magician Brendan Dooley who has ‘hopped across the ditch’ to visit us from New Zealand.

This was billed as an adult’s / mature show (as Brendan also has a children’s  / family show happening during the daytime) however on this evening the intimate crowd was largely made up of families / groups with children. As such, I’m sure Brendan had to ‘edit’ or restructure some of his performance ‘on the fly’ which I found impressive. “Cheeky, Quirky & Classy” is an entertaining show which is easy to watch and share with family and friends. Some surprising card magic and predictions shine in the show, alongside some hilarious pieces of audience participation. Yes- this is one of those shows where the audience is regularly called upon to help make the magic happen- however Brendan is always grateful to his audience volunteers and gives out some seriously awesome ‘souvenirs’ to his helpers too!

I feel that the title “Cheeky, Quirky & Classy” is fitting as Brendan is the personification of these – at various points during the show he displayed his cheeky and quirky nature to the audience, all the while remaining classy in his snappy suit. “Cheeky, Quirky & Classy” delivered in spades on all show aspects, with Brendan’s fantastic humour and witty rapport with the audience alongside his magic delivering many surprises being my favourite aspects of the show.

VERDICT: An entertaining and surprising magic show. If you’re looking to see a magician you’ve never seen before and are looking for a bit of a ‘safe bet’ then Brendan’s show is the one to watch! I hope he returns to visit the festival again soon. Billed as an adult’s show, however feel free to bring the family along as Brendan has magic for everyone!


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