MICF 2018 Review: “Woah, Alyssa! 1”

Deep within the rabbit warren like halls and studios of the Nicholas Building, is the small theatre “Cage Me a Peacock” which is where “Woah Alyssa! 1” is performed. Lining up with an eclectic group of people, we were all eager to see the show performed by Colwyn Buckland and Filip Lescaut.

Upon entering the theatre, fun tunes were playing from a speaker – the sort of tunes you’d usually find at a house party. The audience were getting excited for the show, and a small handful were moving along to the musical beats while in their seats. Three mysterious white boxes were on stage and I must say that they took my curiosity. I was keen to know what was in those boxes!

Suddenly our hosts, Fil and Colwyn, bounded onstage and showed off some choice dance moves! Colwyn and Fil set about introducing the audience to a whole set of different characters through their series of witty and often satirical sketch comedy pieces. I particularly enjoyed the witty character names, spoofs of eccentric celebrities / characters and the duo’s take on sitcoms. There was a fantastic piece about an awkward interview a reporter has with a celebrity that I found to be poignant. Much of the content covered topical items, like the recent SSM debate and real life issues faced by the queer community (among others) – like dealing with ignorant people.

Throughout the show, Colwyn and Fil used some great facial expressions, awkward glances and some impressive projection to bring life to their comedy sketches and characters. The audience was loving it – laughing along for the entire show and even saying ‘awwww’ when one of the characters was going through some bad luck. Some characters were endearing and had such expressive eyes – there were moments where you just wanted to reach out to them or give them a hug. I was astounded at the versatility displayed by Colwyn and Fil during the show. The sketches were faced paced, clever, often involved props and neither missed a beat the entire time! Well scripted and flawless, this show is the one to see if you like topical, witty, fast paced comedy with flair.

Verdict: thoroughly enjoyable. I don’t often get to see sketch comedy, and I was amused and astounded the entire time during this show.

Woah, Alyssa! 1 is playing until April 22nd.
Tickets: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2018/shows/woah-alyssa-1

Disclaimer: I attended this performance as a guest of the performers.

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