MMF 2017: Tay’s Top Ten Shows

Now that the MMF has come and gone for another year, it’s time for my annual listing of my Top Shows. Usually it will be a top five, but given I saw a total of 33 shows this year (breaking my own personal record of 23 shows seen during an MMF) I’ve expanded the listing this year to be my TOP TEN shows of the MMF. I should mention that this list isn’t numbered – far too difficult to nominate a clear winner given so many different magic and performance styles!  I’ve also added a couple of ‘honourable  mentions’ at the bottom of the list.

If you ever have the chance to see any of the performers listed below, then do take that chance and watch their shows – they’re all in the TOP TEN for a reason.

Joshua Jay – affable storyteller, and took the audience on such a fun journey

The Ladies’ Guide to Deceit and Debauchery (performed by Carisa Hendrix) – my enjoyment of this show is testament to me attending twice, and I’m fairly sure all my friends heard my ridiculous laugh during this show. Magical, theatrical and so much more. An unexpected festival highlight, that has left me with cherished memories!

E.G. Lee – magic that was dazzling, poetic and sublime. An exciting show with a stirring finale.

Dani DaOrtiz – simply the god of cards.

Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show (performed by Tim You) – a polished performer and highly enjoyable show with many highlights

Mick TrickSTAR Tricky Extravaganza (performed by Micky TrickSTAR) – a festival newcomer with an exciting and hilarious show. The kids’ show that held the most laughs for me.

Comic Conjurors in ‘Despicable’ (performed by Lawson Reeves and Josh Staley) – clever and comical magic, and an unexpected highlight for me. Keen to see them perform again.

I Love Magic (performed by Anthony DeMasi) – assorted feats of magic, and the opportunity for some bunny cuddles make this a highly enjoyable show. It had so many great moments!

Gone Girl by ‘Dom and Dumber’ (performed by Dom Chambers and Bayden Hammond) – best theatrical magic show I have seen yet! A show bursting with comedy, movie references and plenty of surprises and magic. I left wanting more.

The Fairy Magic Show (performed by Lee Cohen) – an annual highlight that I hope doesn’t go unnoticed in the programme. So much fun to forget being an adult for a while and step into Fairy Lee’s whimsically enchanting world. Always makes me smile.

Honourable mentions:
Things By Simon (performed by Simon Coronel) – continually raising the bar (or wand?!) for sophisticated and surprising magic.

Lawrence Leung’s Very Strange Things (performed by Lawrence Leung) – unusual yet very entertaining magic. This show has elements that make me think and that linger long after the show has gone (it has already been a week and this show is still on my mind!)

Thanks to all the performers, festival organisers and directors, and staff that all contributed to making this the best MMF I’ve attended and one that has left me with so many awesome memories. Every day I felt so lucky.

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