MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Welcome to the Movies Part 3’

Having seen magician Peter Nguyen’s previous magic installment ‘Welcome to the Movies Part 2’ (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I was extra keen to see what the part 3 installment had in store for the audience.

Peter’s magic show is a tribute to the movies. He’s a self confessed movie buff and I enjoy that he displays his love of movies via magic. There’s plenty of variety in this show – sometimes the audience is watching a short movie clip on a screen, sometimes Peter is asking the audience movie trivia and a lot of the time Peter is performing magic. Peter is always optimistic and smiles broadly for the audience, and his entrance for this show was surprising! It’s hard not to be taken along for a magical ride through popular movies with Peter guiding the way. My boyfriend and I both saw this show (albeit on different nights) and it was interesting to see which segments he and I enjoyed the most. We both especially enjoyed Peter’s tribute to Stargate, and a scene during the show with Peter’s special lie detector. An interesting inclusion in this show was an awards ceremony (which I thought was quite clever). There is no sitting idly through this show, staring into a screen (as you would in the movies) as Peter frequently calls for assistance from the audience – often with hilarious results. Of course, everyone is treated well and perhaps a little ‘extra’ movie magic happens when audience members are involved.

Overall another fantastic show which really was like an escape to the movies, except with some added audience participation and some fantastic magic. This particular installment was aimed more at adults rather than children – with many of the movie quiz references being ‘before my time’ – however the children in attendance seemed interested and excited when it was time for magic. The installments of ‘Welcome to the Movies’ remain a MMF highlight for me so I hope another installment is on its way.

Note: I attended this show as a Peter’s guest.

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