MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Smoke & Mirrors’

Continuing on my very magical and fantastic odyssey of daytime magic shows, I was excited to see the show ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ by magician Richard Wibberley. Richard is a Melbourne magician however he has a British accent (and did mention he was from London) which added to the mystery of the show. Dressed in a striking yellow suit, Richard appeared and performed a very enjoyable and visual coin routine to draw the audience into his magical world.

Always very friendly towards the audience, and requiring plenty of audience participation (expected due to this being a family show) Richard treated his helpers well and ensured the audience had a fun time. We all shared many laughs during this magic show as well as an abundance of mystery and surprises. Richard had many curious props and magical pieces of equipment to show to the audience. We had no idea what wild prop was going to be around each corner! While some aspects of the show seemed a bit dated, the show was a fine choice for a family outing and there were many family groups and an assortment of children enjoying the show on the day I attended.

I’ve seen a small selection of Richard’s magic previously so I was beyond happy when he introduced his enchanted juice carton during the show. That routine is one of my favourites of all time, and if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet it is something you should get to see at least once in your life! Overall a very fun and enchanting show – I left the theatre with a smile on my face, thinking about how much magic makes me smile.

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