MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘I Love Magic’

Given that I’m guilty of mentioning how much I love magic to pretty much anyone who will listen, I was compelled to attend magician Anthony De Masi’s magic show ‘I Love Magic’. Anthony is a well known magician in Melbourne and often has a show during the MMF, however I enjoy his magic so much that I always look forward to an opportunity to see more of it.

A magic show by Anthony De Masi is a madcap adventure of all kinds of magical effects – it’s like a magical smorgasboard that appeals to many different tastes and audiences all rolled into one show. There’s card magic, magic with fire, surprise productions, predictions and much more! No show by Anthony De Masi is complete without a visit from his sweet animal friends – many rabbits in hats were passed around the audience so everyone (big or small) had the chance to pat them. Anthony’s magical doves also paid a visit which was fantastic to see – the doves always prompt plenty of ‘oohs and aahs’ from the audience. Audience participation is always included in Anthony’s shows, with plenty of children having the chance to assist with the magic and the wider audience members asked to make magical gestures in order to make the magic happen.

Anthony regularly weaves a theme into his magic shows – last year the theme was about achieving your dreams, and this year the theme was about family and how much magic means to Anthony himself which was touching. It’s these themes that set his shows apart  and makes each show really stick around in your mind afterwards (well I know that is what it’s like for me anyway!) You’re guaranteed a fun show when it comes to Anthony and his marvellous magic – I’ve been watching his magic for years and have never seen a show from him that hasn’t been entertaining!

If you ever have the chance to see one of Anthony’s performances, don’t hesitate to go along! From those who’ve never seen a magic show to those (like me) who have seen hundreds over the years, Anthony strives to entertain all and does it so very well.

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