MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘The Best of the Fest’ July 9th edition

Most evenings at the MMF, one of the last shows to run is “The Best of the Fest” featuring a lineup of 3 magicians which changes each show. The show is hosted by ‘Australia’s Honest Con Man’ and talented magician Nicholas J Johnson. I love attending this show each festival (usually more than once per season) as Nicholas is so welcoming and excited to present the guests for the evening and some of the most surprising pieces of close up magic are witnessed during this show. The theatre is altered to be fairly intimate so each time I attend I feel as if the audience are unified in each piece of wonder.

I was super excited to discover the lineup on this evening was: David Chandler (otherwise known as ‘The Storyteller’), Lucy Darling (my new favourite!) and all round audience favourite Nick Kesidis (Nick Kay). David Chandler usually performs magic for children during the festival, however I was not surprised that his routine with an adult assistant from the audience drew plenty of “oohs and ahhs” as well. His magic is so charming and whimsical. David proceeded to play a guessing game with the audience (with his assistant often getting the incorrect answer) which added to the hilarity.

On this evening, I was delighted that I had just left “The Ladies’ Guide to Deceit and Debauchery” featuring Lucy Darling, when she reappeared during the Best of the Fest. I could not contain my glee and joy as she is a constant delight to watch. Lucy both teased and enchanted the audience with her clever martini shaker routine, followed by some card magic. I sure hope she doesn’t think I’m following her every move – I had booked out most of my schedule of shows a month out from the festival so experiencing 2 shows in a row featuring Lucy was serendipitous indeed.

Rounding out the evening was crowd favourite Nick Kay, adept at miracles with cards and borrowed objects. Ever the cheeky performer, Nick knows how to ‘work the crowd’ to ramp up applause and to ensure everyone has a great time.

Each festival, I often recommend to friends that they attend the ‘Best of the Fest’ at least once – it’s true that each show is never the same, and it always ends up being one of the consistently fun shows each year.

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