MMF Mini Review 2017: ‘The Fairy Magic Show’

Once every magic festival, all the little (and big) fairies get to gather for the annual Fairy Magic Show, performed by Fairy Lee (magician Lee Cohen). I try to attend this show each year as I love dressing up in my fairy outfit and it puts a huge smile on my face to see so many little fairies getting into the fairy spirit. I sat next to a friend, and had brought a spare fairy wand from home so we both sat and waved our wands and said the magic words when required during the show. This is quite an interactive show – there are plenty of chances for all audience members (big and small) to get involved and shout out the magic words to help the magic happen.

Fairy Lee’s magic show is very whimsical, which I thoroughly enjoyed. She commenced her show by singing us a song, gently introducing us to her splendid world of magic. Her wings and outfit glistening, Fairy Lee enchanted all audience members with her sweet nature and wonderful magic. All kinds of magic featured in this show: magic to help make Fairy Lee’s animal friends appear, magic with cards, and magic with a forest theme. There were many chances during the show for young audience members to help out and create some magic for themselves, which the audience helpers enjoyed. The littlest fairies sitting up the front had suggestions for everything when Fairy Lee needed help, and those suggestions were for her to use MAGIC (with the audience’s help of course)!

I can’t recommend this show enough – it’s a yearly highlight on the MMF calendar for me, and I think it is a real shame it’s only on once! Get your wings on and fly along to this show. Fairy Lee’s show always leave me so relaxed and feeling so happy (on the inside and out).

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