MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘Cath Jamison: Conjurewoman’

Walking into the theatre, audience members were greeted with a range of props and items of furniture draped in old white sheets, which made for a haunting scene. This helped to set the scene of the show as Cath Jamison specialises in mentalism and mysteries. Audience members can be a little nervous watching mentalists however Cath is always so friendly and constantly reaches out to her audience members, requesting their assistance for various pieces and mysteries. She goes to some length ensuring her audience feels welcomed and settled before she delves into the minds of her audience.

I’ve seen a few performances from Cath before, however there were elements of this show that made it stand out from the rest. There was a particular piece of magic that the entire audience helped out with, via everyone holding hands. I really enjoyed that as for a brief moment, all audience members were linked together for the same common goal. It was a unifying experience. Card predictions were made and Cath even took one lucky audience member on a trip to a magic casino to try his prediction skills, which was an enjoyable routine to watch. The finale of the show was equally impressive and left the audience stunned and wondering how she did it all! I overheard some audience members in the bathroom in the show wondering how certain objects were found in the most unusual places – Cath’s show clearly impressed the audience and contained many surprises.

Ever the sassy and showstopping host, Cath’s shows are always a solid evening of fun entertainment, so I’d recommend her shows if you ever get the chance to see one.

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