MMF 2017 Mini Review: A Night of Variety 2

‘A Night of Variety 2’ is the second installment of a show by performer Raymond Truong. I did see the original ‘A Night of Variety’ during the previous magic festival, so I was keen to see more. This time around I attended the show with a friend and we were in for a treat! At the start of the show, Raymond mentions that the show is split into two parts: one part with close up magic featuring cards (and ‘old style’ card games like the 3 card monte) and the second part of the show which features Raymond’s fabulous juggling and physical comedy routine (which he performs as a character named ‘Copernicus’).

The friend attending the show with me was lucky to be selected to assist Raymond during his close up magic portion of the show – she seemed delighted as card magic was performed and even did well in following the Queen card during the 3 card monte. We were both impressed with this routine, and I enjoyed watching the reactions from my friend as she had the chance to experience the magic first hand. Raymond regularly checked in with the audience to ensure we were all having a good time.

During the second part of Raymond’s show, more assistants were plucked from the audience to assist in a very amusing magical coin routine. Portions of this routine had the entire audience erupting in laughter. Raymond is well known for his juggling, physical comedy and card shuffling / production routines that are all set to music and all those elements made up the second portion of his show.

If you ever have the chance to catch one of Raymond’s performances, I recommend it! I always walk away from his shows with a smile on my face, feeling very entertained.

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