MMF 2017 Mini Review: ‘This Is Magic’

The show “This Is Magic” is performed by the magician who came up with the concept of and organised the very first Melbourne Magic Festival – magician Tim Ellis. Tim is well known in Melbourne and around the world for his magic and I was excited to see his show (as I had missed some of his previous solo shows).

Within this show, Tim performed many of his classic and acclaimed magic effects as well as including a few surprises along the way. A personal highlight for me was his performance of ‘Runaround Sue’ – a routine I have seen a handful of times, but I never tire of as it is light-hearted and clever. I also enjoyed that this show is particularly aimed at families. It brings a smile to my face to see families enjoying magic together. Tim ensured that some of his magical assistants from the audience were children, and when he asked for help there were plenty of little hands in the air. Tim is a polished performer and seamlessly transitioned from one piece of magic to the next, whether he used a professional assistant, a helper from the audience or different stage dimensions.

Given that Tim often travels abroad to perform and lecture, I encourage you all to catch one of his shows while you can.

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