MICF Review: “RanDOM” performed by Dom Chambers

You may think it’s a bit strange to be attending a magic show during a comedy festival, but let me assure you that “RanDOM” conjures up plenty of laughs amongst the amazing magic. It was a full house on the night I attended and the audience was eagerly awaiting the start of the show. I never really know what to expect during a magic show, and the audience was feeling the same way and buzzing with excitement.

People expecting a ‘stock standard’ classic magic show featuring perhaps some linking rings and some rope / card tricks will be surprised to learn that this show contains none of those items. “RanDOM” does away with many of the expectations and assumptions people may have about magic shows and vanishes them. Billed as ‘modern comedy magic’, the show delivers that in spades with Dom referencing certain well known YouTube videos featuring blenders, and touching on subjects like internet dating throughout the show. Dom himself is self depreciating, aware that magicians have some challenges in life (like being distrusted, and being seen as not having a ‘real’ job) however it is clear to all that Dom is superbly talented at magic. He often had the audience in the palm of his hand with his relaxed and witty banter. Being a magic show, this show has plenty of audience participation (but not of the ‘scary’ kind) – often audience members could be helping out from their seat. Dom comes across as larrikin – the guy at the bar that everyone wants to be friends with (just more magical!).

After the show, plenty of audience members were seen to be talking amongst themselves of all the wonder they’d just experienced. This is an exciting show, it will leave you leaning on the edge of your seat wanting more. The show is called “RanDOM” but I assure you that the laughs and enjoyable levels can’t be described as such.

VERDICT: perfect show for people who are unsure about magic shows, people who want something special and memorable alongside their comedy, or perhaps people who’ve “seen it all”. This show appeals to so many people and it was so enjoyable – see it before it disappears (last show is at 6:30pm on April 9th)!

Tickets: https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/random

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