Tay Around Town’s Top 5 shows of the 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival

In total I enjoyed (and wrote mini reviews for) a total of 23 shows from the recent 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival, which is a personal attendance record! During and post festival, many people have asked me what my top 5 shows are so I thought I’d mention them below. None of these shows are in order, I enjoyed them all equally. If you find the opportunity to catch performances by the magicians mentioned then I highly recommend that you do. Each show was entertaining and had an assortment of different highlights, with each impressing me greatly. Well done to those that have made this very short list!

  • “Simon, Shoot and Davefunkel: Backstage” performed by Simon Coronel,  Shoot Ogawa and Dave Lee
  • “Dane Certificate’s Trotting Complex” performed by Dane Certificate
  • “RanDom” performed by Dominic Chambers
  • “Nick Kay: Up Close and Personal” performed by Nick Kesidis
  • “Max Maven” performed by Max Maven

Thanks to all the readers, magicians and friends who have read and supported this blog so far and who have sent me encouraging comments and messages. Your support and comments are always appreciated. Much love.

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