Mini Review: ‘Hardcore Mysteries’ by Pierre Ulric

After a busy day of office work on a Thursday, I headed out for a quick dinner and then to the Northcote Town Hall to see Pierre Ulric’s show ‘Hardcore Mysteries’. To be honest, I did not know what to expect. I had missed out on Pierre’s show during the previous festival so I was really keen to see this show (and performer!). This show was full of plenty of mysteries, curiosities and explorations of the mind and imagination. I have a vivid imagination, so I enjoyed this show (and especially the segments where we asked to visualise something). Pierre was a friendly and proficient host, particularly evident during his mind reading and hypnosis segments. The audience seemed shy at first, but Pierre quickly won everyone over with his charming and friendly manner. Personal highlights for me were having the chance to watching some classic magic effects happen right in front of my eyes on stage, and some fantastic metal bending!

Verdict: A great late show for adults, this show will appeal to those who want to see a different style of magic. A show that focuses on mysteries and the magic of the mind. There are times during this show where you will question what you saw (if it really happened or was it a hallucination of the mind?!).


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