Mini Review: ‘Deceptology’ by Nicholas J Johnson

On Wednesday night I was back at the Northcote Town Hall for another evening of magical delights at the Melbourne Magic Festival. The first show I saw early in the evening was ‘Deceptology’ performed by Nicholas J Johnson. Upon entering the theatre the audience was greeted with a fascinating looking set – a bookcase brimming with all manner of interesting artifacts, pictures and books. Nicholas appeared, looking like some sort of cool professor (or someone who works in a university) rather than a magician. I expected this show to be magical, with plenty of references and nods to science – I was not disappointed! The combo of science and magic was intriguing, and provided plenty of clever moments (with some laughs along the way). My favourite moments in the show were Nicholas’ smooth card magic, the interaction with audience members and the glimpses into the human mind (especially true for a lucky audience member!).

VERDICT: A magic show with an intriguing theme and narrative, which I found very enjoyable.  Ages 10+ would likely enjoy this show.


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