The 2016 Melbourne Magic Festival has commenced

Each year (since 2008) in my hometown of Melbourne, the Melbourne Magic Festival appears during the Winter school holidays at the Northcote Town Hall. This festival has just commenced for 2016, and I’m excited to be attending approx 21 shows. While I won’t be posting lengthy reviews here, I aim to post a short paragraph and a photo for each show that I see. I will include a ‘verdict’ on who may enjoy the show, too, so if you have some time over the next 2 weeks you can come along and see the shows for yourself.

The Melbourne Magic Festival does have daytime shows for children and families, but plenty of magic shows are on in the evenings that appeal to adults. In addition to all the shows there is a communal area for people to meet, watch some free magic events and visit the bar. I’ll certainly be spending most of my evenings after 5pm at the Melbourne Magic Festival (in addition to much of my next 2 weekends), however if you get a chance to come along please do – I’m sure you’ll find it an enjoyable experience.

For more information, please visit:

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