MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Tim Credible

Tim Credible and Douzie Dragon – image supplied

This week I sat down with well known Melbourne magician (and veteran Melbourne Magic Festival performer) Tim Credible to have a glimpse at what’s in store for his audiences and fans this year. Tim offers a family magic show PLUS a magic school for any young magic fans keen to learn some skills – talk about a busy performer!

You’ve been a regular performer at the Melbourne Magic Festival for many years now, what keeps you coming back to this festival?
My show is all about fun, laughter and amazement for the whole family. The Melbourne Magic Festival has made it possible for me to share my magic with thousands of families. It also gives me the chance to see and support other great performers in the magic community.

What do you enjoy most about entertaining children and families?
Quite simply hearing the kids laughing and bringing the inner kid out of the grown ups that are accompanying them.

Describe your show in 3 words: Belly Laughing Kids

I hear that you also run children’s magic classes (in the form of Magic School) during the Melbourne Magic Festival. What can you tell me about these classes (I’m sure they are bound to be popular)?
I think this will be the 15th year I have run Magic School at the Melbourne Magic Festival. Wow, that’s a long time! It really is a highlight to see the kids performing magic on stage to their family and friends. 

Do you have a favourite memory of performing at the Melbourne Magic Festival that you can share?
This is a hard one after 15 years of performing  and teaching at the Melbourne Magic Festival. I think seeing the kids that I taught 15 years ago performing their own shows at the festival as adults has to be a highlight for me. 

I hear you have some expressive and curious co stars in your show! Care to tell us about them (or are they interview shy)?
My friend Douzie the Dragon has become the star of the show. I’m just there to support him (but don’t tell him that!) 

This sounds like such a fun show – fancy seeing a magical dragon as part of the show too! Don’t miss Tim Credible’s Family Magic Show, running twice a day from July 5th to July 9th. Find tickets here.
If you have some young budding magicians, Tim Credible’s Magic School is running once a day from July 5th to July 9th. Tickets for magic school can be found here.

To find out more about Tim Credible, visit his website:

MMF 2022 Performer Spotlight: Chris Morant

Chris Morant – image supplied

The Melbourne Magic Festival attracts performers with all kinds of skills – mostly magical of course, but also circus and variety talents too! One such performer is Chris Morant who proudly presents “Chris Morant’s Magical Circus Show” during this year’s festival.

Describe your show in 3 words: Magical, Circus, Fun.

What do you enjoy most about entertaining children / families?
I enjoy performing for children and families because I feel it includes everyone and the focus is on being entertaining and it makes me so happy and fulfilled to see people laughing and clapping.

I hear you perform many circus and magic skills – is there any skill you’re particularly proud of?
My favourite trick is my hat juggling, as when you are wearing a hat people think its part of the costume so it is a surprise the see the hat being rolled, thrown and tumbled.

Without giving too much away, what can audiences expect from your show?
Audiences can expect a fun engaging show for the whole family, I also give away a beautiful hand made leather cat mask to one lucky audience member each show. I love the idea that my show will have a very special magical effect on the winner of the mask to have a story about the show and have a really col mask to have for masquerade balls and even as wall art. I also will be selling masks after the show.

What does the Melbourne Magic Festival mean to you? Is there anything you’re looking forward to at festival time?
The Magic Festival means a lot to me to feel like I am part of a community, and I love seeing the next generation of artists putting their spin on classic magical effects.

Sounds like an amazing show indeed, PLUS it comes with a bonus chance to win your very own special hand made leather cat mask – that is very cool indeed.

Chris Morant’s Magical Circus show runs from July 5th to 9th at The Slydini Showroom – Arrow Hub. Get tickets for your whole family here.

Chris Morant’s website:
If you’re interested in a hand made leather mask of your own, check out Chris’ Etsy site here.